Hi I'm Jomiro ᐧ ◡ ᐧ

Lük Güd Studio converges graphic design, branding, illustration, and language to tell compelling stories.

Growing up in Cape Town, I was captivated by the rhythm and melody of dance, theatre, and music. These early experiences didn't just shape my artistic sensibilities; they became the foundation of my approach to design: Creating visuals that resonate like a well-composed symphony.

My academic journey in Journalism and Communication Design refined my ability to meld words and images into powerful narratives. It's here that I found my true calling in visual storytelling, particularly within the sphere of branding and graphic design.

My focus is on bringing a brand's essence to life through design that goes beyond surface-level beauty. What drives my work is the belief that every single person has a story worth telling — a story that can foster genuine connection.

By weaving together the subtleties of color, shape, and concept, I strive to create designs that don't just catch the eye, but also captivate the spirit. My goal is to make each design a conversation starter, a bridge between the brand and the human being they are engaging with.

Let's tell your story in a way that's not just seen but remembered. ᐧ ◡ ᐧ