Animation, illustration, social media

> intro

  • The &BAM project was an extensive journey in breaking new ground in the male grooming industry. As a comprehensive design endeavor, it involved crafting a brand image that celebrates men taking care of themselves, infused with a sense of humor and modernity.
  • Over 1.5 years, my role evolved from being the sole designer to collaborating with a growing team, including a content manager in the latter half. This journey with &BAM was about creating a brand that's not just seen but felt – a brand that speaks directly to the modern man.
  • The challenge was to weave tongue-in-cheek humor into every aspect of the brand, from product design to digital content, embodying the ethos that self-care for men can be fun and stylish.
  • My contributions spanned across various creative domains: from illustration work, including an icon set and team illustrations, to dynamic animations for social media, and crafting engaging newsletters.
  • The brand messaging was a critical component, developed to resonate with the target audience, reinforcing &BAM's positioning as a bold, approachable, and trend-setting brand in the male grooming space.

> deliverables

  • Comprehensive Brand Messaging and Visual Identity
  • Illustration Work: Icon Set and Team Illustrations
  • Animation: Video Editing, Instagram Reels, GIFs
  • Newsletter Design
  • Product Design Assistance
  • Social Media Post Design
  • Ad Campaigns and Product Launches, including a Skincare brand launch campaing
This project is still under construction :)