Logo, brand & website

> intro

  • Revitalizing the Riversight brand was an exercise in balancing modernity with the warmth and approachability inherent in their identity. The objective was to advance the brand by a decade while maintaining its core ethos.
  • Riversight, with its roots in nature and a philosophy akin to a river's flow, required a design that reflected these elements - fluidity, perspective, and a connection to the natural world.
  • The challenge lay in creating a visual language that communicated both professionalism and approachability. The existing blue was retained for its corporate familiarity, but we introduced orange accents to infuse warmth and vibrancy.
  • The logo refresh focused on simplicity and clarity, drawing inspiration from the concepts of 'river' and 'sight / perspective', symbolizing a journey and a broader outlook on business consulting.
  • For the website, the emphasis was on simplicity and directness. We consolidated the content into a single, streamlined page. The aim was to make it a tool for engagement rather than client acquisition, reflecting Jonathan's preference for personal interaction over digital promotion.

> deliverables

  • Logo Refresh & Brand Guide
  • Single-Page Website Design

This project is still under construction :)