Game design

> intro

  • The project was a unique foray into the realm of educational board games, aimed at capturing the essence of Agile software development principles. This endeavor involved transforming a conceptual idea into a tangible, interactive learning tool.
  • The challenge was multifaceted: not only did the project require a keen eye for design and aesthetics, but it also necessitated a deep understanding of Agile methodologies to ensure the game accurately reflected these principles.
  • Working closely with Arjen de Ruiter, the objective was to create a board game that could double as a lead generation tool and a practical training aid for developers. The game needed to be engaging, educational, and easily accessible.
  • The design process encompassed the entire spectrum of the game's elements – from the board and player tokens to the cards, instructions manuals, and how-to sheets. Each component was crafted to facilitate an intuitive understanding of Agile practices.
  • Beyond the physical creation of the game, the project also involved developing a marketing campaign and digital distribution strategy, culminating in the game's release on GitHub, making it readily available for a global audience.
  • This project wasn't just about designing a board game; it was about creating an immersive educational experience that encapsulates the dynamics of Agile development. The success of is reflected in its global reach and the recognition it received, including Arjen's presentation at a prestigious conference. The game stands as a testament to the power of interactive learning in professional development.

> deliverables

  • Complete Board Game Design, including Board, Tokens, and Cards
  • Instruction Manuals and How-To Sheets
  • Digital Assets for Easy Printing and Assembly at Home
  • Marketing Campaign and GitHub Roll-Out Strategy

This project is still under construction :)