Logo, brand & website

> intro

  • Embarking on the PinkPollos project, the goal was to infuse the brand with the eccentric and playful spirit of its founders, Chris and Dennis, while paying tribute to a beloved TV series. This was a journey of blending professional humor, a touch of pop culture, and the vibrant Dutch cultural ethos into a cohesive brand identity.
  • The challenge was to create a narrative and visual language that reflected the unique ethos of PinkPollos – one that combined elements of brashness, zest, and fun, all while maintaining a professional undertone.
  • The central theme revolved around a rich professional pink color palette, complemented by whimsical chicken motifs, a nod to the company's name and its playful nature.
  • The website needed to be an immersive experience, combining the aesthetics of an American diner (reflecting the Breaking Bad influence) with a sleek, modern digital tech vibe. Interactive elements like pop-out chickens added a layer of engagement and fun.
  • The project extended beyond just visual elements; it was about capturing the essence of PinkPollos in every aspect – from the website experience to business cards and social media presence.

> deliverables

  • Logo & Brand Guide
  • Website with Interactive Elements
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Covers
  • Email Signature
This project is still under construction :)