Logo & brand design

> intro

  • The Meerkode project presented a unique blend of humor, technology, and fashion. Tasked with creating a brand identity for a developer-focused t-shirt label, the goal was to encapsulate the playful spirit of the brand while paying homage to its African heritage and tech roots.
  • At the heart of Meerkode's vision was the desire to stand out in the crowded tech apparel market with a brand that's both clever and culturally rooted. The name itself, a pun on "meerkat" and "code," set the tone for the creative direction.
  • The challenge was twofold: design a logo that is futuristic and funky, something people would be proud to associate with; and develop t-shirt designs that are light-hearted yet resonate with the tech community.
  • The brand needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a specific illustration style for the t-shirts, a style that had to be distinctive but not overly serious or divergent from the overall brand ethos.
  • The end goal was to create a brand identity for Meerkode that is not just a logo or a t-shirt design but a statement of belonging in the tech world, with a twist of humor and a nod to its African origins.

> deliverables

  • Logo & Brand Guide
  • T-shirt Designs

This project is still under construction :)