Event space design

> intro

  • The collaboration with Shop Deploy, a company aiding merchants on Takealot, presented a unique challenge: to design and execute a comprehensive conference experience. Our task was to create a cohesive narrative from pre-event to post-event engagement, ensuring Shop Deploy stood out at the conference.
  • This project was an exercise in creating a tangible and memorable physical presence for Shop Deploy. The objective was to not only attract attention but also to facilitate meaningful interactions and long-term connections.
  • The key challenge was in designing a booth and associated materials that were not just visually striking but also functionally effective in capturing potential client details and interest. This meant balancing aesthetic appeal with practical utility.
  • Our strategy involved a holistic approach to the conference experience. This encompassed designing an engaging booth space, creating attractive and useful swag bag items, and crafting communications for attendees before, during, and after the event.
  • Special attention was given to the design of competition flyers, which played a crucial role in the client engagement process. The design was tailored to not only draw attention but also to encourage participation and data capture, facilitating future client interactions for Shop Deploy.

> deliverables

  • Comprehensive Design of Conference Booth
  • Creation of Swag Bag Items and Event Materials
  • Design and Implementation of Pre-, During, and Post-Event Communications
  • Competition Flyers Design with Integrated Client Engagement Strategy
  • Overall Experience Design ensuring a cohesive and memorable presence for Shop Deploy
This project is still under construction :)