Pfeffer & Frost

Concept design

> intro

  • Pfeffer & Frost presented an intriguing challenge: to reimagine the packaging of their traditional lebkuchen (German gingerbread) while respecting and playing with their established style. This project was an exercise in balancing homage to tradition with a dash of modern creativity.
  • The task at hand was to develop concept art for their product packaging labels. It involved understanding Pfeffer & Frost's existing style – a blend of whimsy and tradition – and then pushing the boundaries to explore new, yet brand-cohesive, design directions.
  • The work required a deep dive into the essence of the brand, which celebrates the playful and slightly offbeat side of confectionery. The aim was to capture this spirit in the illustrations, whether staying true to the original style or venturing into new creative territories.
  • The project was not just about creating designs; it was about storytelling through illustration, weaving in elements that reflect the brand's unique character – playful, whimsical, and a touch bizarre.
  • The result was a series of concept artworks that stood as a testament to the brand's legacy while inviting a fresh perspective, creating a visual feast as rich and inviting as the lebkuchen themselves.

> deliverables

  • Concept Art for Product Packaging Labels
  • Illustrations in Existing Style: Honoring the brand's whimsical and traditional aesthetic.
  • Illustrations in a New Direction: Innovating while maintaining the brand's essence, offering a fresh yet familiar appeal.

This project is still under construction :)