Illustration & animation

> intro

  • Partnering with Resonance, a leader in strategic coaching focused on mindfulness and self-awareness, presented an opportunity to intertwine creativity with introspection. The goal was to elevate Resonance's brand, aligning it closely with their philosophy of bridging the corporate-individual divide.
  • Resonance's essence, much like the equilibrium it seeks to instill in its clients, demanded a design language that echoed balance, mindfulness, and personal growth.
  • The challenge was in devising a visual narrative that resonated both with the corporate sphere and the individual's journey. The approach was twofold: maintaining professional integrity while injecting a sense of personal touch and approachability.
  • This journey involved creating custom illustrations for Resonance's presentations, each tailored to specific themes, symbolizing the integration of corporate strategies with personal well-being.
  • The design process was an exploration in live sketching during workshops, capturing the essence of the discussions in real-time, and translating these insights into dynamic GIFs, adding a lively dimension to the brand narrative.
  • Additionally, the creation and facilitation of a specialized workshop, coupled with meditative live sketching, further emphasized the unique approach of Resonance, fostering engagement and reflection.

> deliverables

  • Custom Illustrations & Thematic GIFs for Presentations and Workshops
  • Brand Narrative Development & Storytelling
  • Workshop Creation and Facilitation
  • Live Sketching during Workshops
  • Presentation Design and Enhancement
This project is still under construction :)