Book cover design

> intro

  • Collaborating with Braden Orgill on his debut book, "Unemployable," was a venture into uncharted design territories, mirroring the book's theme of embracing non-conformity in the professional world. This project was as much about building a unique visual identity for the book as it was about forming a lasting creative partnership.
  • The essence of "Unemployable" is about challenging industry norms and carving one's own path, and the design needed to reflect this ethos. We aimed to create a book that not only stood out on shelves but also provoked thought and curiosity.
  • One of the innovative design choices was the book's spine. Instead of the traditional title placement, we opted for a compelling call to action, a design decision that speaks directly to the reader in a crowded bookstore setting.
  • Delving into the psychology of color and marketing, we explored and eventually chose color schemes that are typically underused in book covers, thereby ensuring that "Unemployable" would visually pop out amidst a sea of conventional choices.
  • The design process was a deep collaboration, where Braden and I worked closely, blending our ideas and insights to create something truly distinctive. This collaboration turned into a friendship, reflecting the personal and professional journey encapsulated in the book.

> deliverables

  • Innovative Book Design, including Cover and Spine
  • Exploration and Use of Unconventional Color Schemes for Book Covers
  • Collaborative Development of the Book's Visual Identity and Marketing Strategy

This project is still under construction :)